Cognitive & litigation capacity assessments

Cognitive assessments


Cognitive assessments focus on the capacity of a parent to use and retain information. When carried out early in the family's involvement with professionals, the findings of a cognitive assessment can ensure that communication and support are provided to the parent in a way that they can understand and use. Cognitive assessments involve a short clinical history taking and the administration of a standardised, validated measure of IQ.

The findings and relevant recommendations about how to help the parent are provided within two weeks of receipt of a letter of instruction.


Assessments of capacity to instruct a legal representative

Where there are concerns with regard to a parent's understanding of information crucial to the legal decision making process around their child, we are able to carry out assessments of 'Capacity to Instruct'. This involves the completion of a cognitive assessment (if this has not already been carried out) and a short interview. The findings and an appropriately completed Certificate of Capacity are provided within two weeks of receipt of a letter of instruction.

Litigation capacity assessments are carried out by chartered clinical psychologists with considerable experience of working with parents in care proceedings and in working with the Family Court system.