Psychological assessments


Psychological assessments provide professionals with information about the current functioning of the individual parent in terms of their personality, mental health, cognitive capacity and any experiences of trauma and/or abuse. We are also able to provide family assessments which consider relationship dynamics and attachment relationships, and assessments of children which can address therapeutic, contact and placement issues.

'I have been doing this work for many many years and this was the most comprehensive and useful psychological assessment I have seen. It has helped guide the care planning for all of the children and I have no doubt their futures will be significantly improved because of Dr Alexander's thoughtful and sensitive input.'
Guardian ad Litem, London Borough

We provide comprehensive, succinct reports of the full psychological assessment within six weeks from receipt of a letter of instruction.

The psychological assessments are child-centred and consider any difficulties identified in the context of the impact of on the parent's capacity to parent safely and appropriately. Conclusions are considered and balanced, and informed by a range of sources, including clinical interviews and observations, psychometric assessments, police and medical records, and analyses of parent-child interactions.

Psychological assessments are carried out by chartered clinical psychologists with considerable experience of working with parents in care proceedings and in working with the Family Court system.

'I was very impressed by Dr Alexander's evidence. It was heavily backed up with direct experience of the parents over a very long period. She has given an enormous amount of thought to this case and has approached her task with considerable skill and dedication.'
Family Court Judge