Your privacy

What are the cameras for? where are they?

We will be alongside you and your family so we can observe how well you do things and if we can help you. There are also CCTV cameras in the houses so that we can see what you are doing without always needing to be right next to you and so that we know when you might need some help.

We know this might feel strange at first, but almost everyone gets used to it when they have settled in. We understand that privacy is important and this can be hard with cameras. There are no cameras in the en-suite bathrooms and you can turn the cameras off in the family bathrooms as long as children are not in there.


This is what the cameras look like in the rooms. The cameras are quite small. They do not move or follow you. They don't make any noise.  They are able to show us what is happening with your child in the dark as well as in the light.

The most important use of the cameras is to make sure the children are safe so they are focused on them, rather than you. This is why the cameras are close to the cots, although they can see the whole room. .

If you wish to have private time alone or with your partner, they are switched off centrally in the office by a family support worker.

CCTV is great as it means we can show you footage to explain what we might be worried about or what is going really well. This footage can also be provided to the Court and your solicitor.


Your privacy in Orchard House

You can read our privacy notice here (words) or here (words and pictures). It explains what sort of information we collect about your family and how we will keep it safe. It also explains who we will share information with and why.

We understand that many people might find an assessment difficult. We are always thinking about how we can balance your privacy with doing our job and keeping your child safe. Some of the ways we do this are:

  • We encourage parents to have time in their week when they are not on camera. This might be time to go shopping whilst your baby is with a family support worker, time away from the house, or time in your bedroom with the cameras off whilst we baby sit. We raise this in the planning meeting so you will know what options you have available, including private time for you as a couple if you are co-parenting with your partner.

  • You will have a key to your bedroom and we will always knock and wait for permission to come into the room unless it is an emergency.

  • All of the information about you and your family is stored in the office. Families are not allowed to come into the office. If you have any papers or documents that you need to keep safe and private you can either keep them in your room or ask for them to be stored in the office.